Kubus met tekst uit boek

Rebound 4


There are things you must experience. The first time your own book in your hands, you open it, smell it, but don't really believe it yet. And that word there on page 67 - did you write that?

The first time you spot a stack in the bookstore. The first raving review, the first not-so-raving one. The first buyer. The first live reader on the train, at the pool abroad. The first nomination, not winning the first time, winning the first time.

To this list I can now add: the first time I received an angry email from a reader wondering when my new book will finally be published. We are talking about Rebound 4 - Return. Signed the contract. Wrote the manuscript. Announced the book. Rewrote the manuscript. Postponed. Rewrote once again. Delayed once again.

I can be pedantic and refer to Dexter: after three seasons, they should have demanded more of themselves. Remember the crispness of Casa di Papel season one? Nothing wrong with commerce, of course not, we need bread on the table. And to be honest: I was also curious what happened next, with Ty and Charlie, with Oz and Gar. So I gave it my absolute best. But each time the result was not to my liking. A fourth part, in my opinion, may not be "more of the same", it has to add something, a twist that no one – not even me, apparently – sees coming. It lies on the shelf, sweetly whispering “forget me not,” so who knows, in two years from now, or ten.

So what will the new Asman be? More about that soon.