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Simon zonder zonder


A question and an answer celebrating the publication of my new novel, Simon zonder zonder. The question comes from Adriaan van Dis (Volkskrant, May 12th): 'Do we dare to accept the challenge and put ourselves in experiences of discomfort? To have empathy for the victim, but for the bastard as well?’ The answer comes from Maxim Februari (NRC, May 7th): 'You can only learn what is and what is not acceptable if you also tell each other the other stories, and the complicated ones, in which it is not entirely clear where the boundary lies and who exactly crosses it from which side.' Simon zonder zonder is a novel about discomfort and boundaries. About things you don't want to hear but must hear. About cruelty in friendship and first love, about secrets and betrayal, about a fatal misunderstanding. About me and about us. About now and about 1968, when The Netherlands still understood everything and everything was still possible. Available now.